What Customers have to say about Computone...

"After doing a thorough search of products available in the marketplace we chose Computone's RCM solution due to its innovative design and the overall cost effectiveness of the solution."

John Hayes
AC Nielsen

"The RAS 2000 hardware is reliable, the port density is very good, the cost per port is good, and they're rack-mountable, which are all pluses as far as we're concerned. It sure beats the time-consuming job of having to carry a laptop around the labs and having to connect through serial ports of each and every device. I mean to compliment Computone and its technical staff for their willingness to listen, to hear what we have to say, and to work with us to fine-tune the RAS 2000 and the out-of-band solution for us.  Its fair to say that Network Appliance is very happy with the product and the support we get from Computone.
David Kitinsky
Network Appliance

"We have four PowerRacks in our experiment.  They are a marvelous solution to communicate with about 100 board-level CPUs scattered around a large physics experiment.  The PowerRacks are easy to use and have been completely trouble-free over the last three years."
Michael LeVine
Brookhaven National Laboratory

"We are very pleased with the hardware that we are getting.  Never before have we gotten this kind of quality, nor have we been able to get anyone to prepare the machines for us so that they are ready to ship when we get them.  From the sales staff to the tech people, everyone has been great to work with.  I foresee a long and mutually beneficial relationship."
Barry Marchall
RDA Systems, Inc.

"Symbiat has provided quality support to our customers over the past four years.  As one of our Authorized Support Centers, Symbiat keeps up-to-date on the latest Caldera products, and invests in continuous training to ensure their staff exceeds the quality and technical certification requirements."
Kerri Wallach
Caldera International

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