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IntelliServer® RAS 2000RCM

Out-of-Band Remote Console Management

Why you need Out-of-Band Management...

In-Band Management access via the network has one inherent weakness. Communication is subject to the same problems that your network is currently experiencing. When the network goes down or is severely disrupted, any network traffic has no way to get between the managed device and the management workstation. Quite often when a network element goes down, it loses its network connection, which renders In-Band management useless. This is where Out-of-Band Management always works flawlessly. Out-of-Band Management allows you to manage devices without going through the network. 

How the Computone Out-of-Band Console Management Solution works...

     If your system will not boot up due to hardware issues or you need to configure a new device, you have access to managed device console ports through the RAS 2000RCM using Telnet or Secure Shell (ssh®). 
     For remote management and diagnostics, simply attach a modem to dial directly into the RAS 2000RCM. This allows you to connect to the console port on the server. In LAN/WAN environments, Telnet into the RAS 2000RCM to access the console. For security, ssh protocol provides 128-bit encryption for sensitive data such as changing passwords. 
     Both the remote and LAN/WAN Out-of-Band Console management solutions will enable you to troubleshoot your devices without intercepting network issues. 

Expand the RAS 2000RCM from 16 to 64 ports (fully configured with four boards) by simply sliding in additional Rack Expandable (REX-RCM) cards. The REX-RCM expansion card addresses the break command and port lock-up problems encountered when used with Sun® servers and workstations.  It lets RAS 2000RCM users select, configure and mix-and-match any combination of the original REX expansion card with the new REX-RCM card, and supports network devices, such as routers, switches, hubs and servers. The REX-RCM expansion card gives RAS 2000RCM users increased ports, power and versatility.

Benefits of the RAS 2000RCM...

Remote Management - Save time and money by managing your network devices worldwide via the Internet or dial-in connection. 

Security - Secure connections using ssh® protocol. Supports Dial-in PPP allowing a secure connection through a modem.

Reliable Server Management - Always have access to your network regardless of network issues. 

Multiple Users - Up to 32 Telnet connections allows multiple users simultaneously.

Easy to Use - Web browser interface makes the RAS 2000RCM simple to configure.

High Port Density - The RAS 2000 has up to 64 ports in a 19” x 13” x 3U chassis utilizing little rack space.

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